“Hi! I’m Jennifer Jones and I write about dead people.”

When people ask me what I do, or what my blog is about, that’s usually what I want to say. But somehow, no matter how I try, it just doesn’t come out right. 

So I usually tell people that I write about haunted places and urban legends, comparing the tales with verifiable historical facts, and a little bit of genealogy thrown in for good measure. 

I love a good paranormal tale, true or not. But one thing I’ve found over the years of being a paranormal investigator turned researcher / historian, is that the truth behind the tales is often more fascinating. More importantly, the people who lived these lives that are tied to spooky tales were real, and so many of them lived pretty amazing lives that in most cases have been forgotten to time. 

I hope in a way that my writing helps keep these tales, and the stories of the people involved alive in some small way.